Beads and Buttons

Beads and buttons are fabulous for adding interest and sparkle if you can incorporate these beads as functional things to your clothes, it will be so great. Attaching beads as buttons adds a special texture to your garment. They can be made from different materials, from shells, wood, glass, Seeds, precious metals, stones and acrylic. It is great that you get beads in different colors, shapes and textures, much more than you get buttons. Triangular shaped, heart shaped, cylindrical shaped, so many shapes and colors. It takes only a simple trick to transform these beautifully shaped beads into buttons suitable for your clothes.

Decorative Shirt Bead

Buy beautiful Decorative Neckline Patches, Appliques, Tassels Embroidery and Zari Buttons and other craft supplies.

These are the perfect supplies for any crafting project that you want to give an extra edge. Be it a sewing project or a decorating project our beautifully made borders and trims give a touch of elegance. We carefully select our products for our shop to present colorful collection for you to choose from.

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